Clogged Drains | Root Intrusion

Root intrusion causes at least half of the sewer blockages, and fast growing species of trees are often to blame. The intrusion of roots into waste pipes can be a challenge. With older sewer systems, you are much more likely to suffer damage from root intrusion. The growth of root mass inside sewer lines will block the discharge of wastewater, resulting in backup into your home or building. We are available to serve you when this happens at your property.clogged drains - root system invasionMore information on this website

The damage caused by the backup can be costly to repair and troublesome to deal with. Root growth can also cause deterioration of the pipes and pipe joints, as well as underground pipe structures and pipe connections to the main sewer line. It is best to have an effective root control program in place.

Root growth is determined first by gravity and secondly by water. The root hairs, which are fine, hair-like projections found on the surface of the roots, will find their way into drain lines and sewer pipes. They enter through small cracks or openings in the pipe or pipe joint. Once inside they will continue to grow, finally forming a root mass.

Trees, bushes and shrubs are looking for water to grow, and pipes provide seem to be a great source of water. Roots are often drawn to perfect pipes because of condensation and will grow alongside and around the pipe to pick up the moisture.

There is a misconception that roots are the problem, but it is actually the pipe because the roots cannot get in the pipe unless there is a crack or bad joint. The older the pipe, the more susceptible it is to cracks, breaks, clogged drains, and deformations.drain inspection

A possible sign of root intrusion is a sudden back up or flooding of the lowest plumbing fixture in the house. When you fill a bathtub or shower with water and let it drain, make sure that the water is draining in a swirling, cyclonic action. If not, it may be time to call us so we can take a look. Call our Plumbing Company for quick solutions.

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